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 ClubList and Calendar

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PostSubject: ClubList and Calendar   Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:33 am

Now the ClubList is setted as a global announcement so it's shown in every forum. If you think is too much boring watch it everywhere i can put back just in Welcome All.

Now we have a Calendar in the Portal too (<<<yes too, cause we already had it in the up Menu, but none noticed it maybe).
In this calendar as well as birthdays are also marked the dates of Trial end for Trial Members, clicking on the date it will be shown the topic related (if you have sufficient permissions to read it).

To Forum Moderators: Learn to do this every time you send someone in Trial. Calculate 30 days from his joining date, create a new topic about him in trial zone (or split the topic from "About Join/Leave us" here, cause usually before Trial we speak there). With the topic opened, downpage you can see CALENDAR, i think isn't hard how to set the date.
For any question i'm here.

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ClubList and Calendar
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