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 Effect 2v2 Battle Challenge

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PostSubject: Effect 2v2 Battle Challenge   Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:54 pm

AtomSmasher wrote:

Hi, HardRock We would like to invite you all to the 1st Effect 2v2 battle challenge.

Since bugs are almost fixed, we want to invite every battle player to take part in this tournament.
This is for every FT player, not only Effect members or raw battlers. We would be pleased to have you all here.

To join the tournament you must send application clicking --> .HERE
You can join right now and until 25/03/2010. Tournament will start 01/04/2010.
Tell there your char names. The one who applies will be the responsible of the team.


Mode: Battle double
Map: Arena
Quick slot: disabled
Skillshot: disabled
Pets: not allowed
Level restriction: disabled
+3 StatRings: allowed
+50 HP rings: allowed
Chargeshot limit: no
Western bugged pants/shirt, bugged bikini: not allowed
Round system: Best of 9 games, the team who reaches 5 games will be the winner.
Post your results in forum, and make screenshots ('Insert' key instead of 'PrntScrn' to set dated screenshots) of your games. In case of disagreement they will be required to verify the result.
Some considerations: It would be nice to avoid lag/delay. We recommend to close download programs and so on.
In case of no ball, team who made damage will give it back. Example: if one team gets nb and gets 50 HP dmg by a wiler, the other team would give them another wiler point back or 2 str/dex points back 20+20 ~40 HP. This can generate conflicts so, be fair, and let's avoid discussions. If we receive several complaints, reported with proofs (mainly screenshots), about a team, they could get dropped. But we know It won't be that way.


Preliminary phase: with groups of 4-6 teams, depending on the ammount of teams. Inside every group every team will play against the rest of teams at that group. Best of 9 games.

K.O. phase: the best 8-16 teams, depending on the ammount of teams will play the last rounds. Face to face. Starting from 1/4 1/8, depending on the ammount of participants. Best of 9 games. Final: best of 11 games.


To have fun, to get some exiciting games...

Champion team: 6.000 AP each player
Finalist team: 2.500 AP each player

If anyone wants to donate some gold, we will set some gold rewards for 1/2 and 1/4 teams.
My magic pocket is dry with gold Smile

We also accept tips and ideas to improve the tournament.

Good luck and have fun!
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Effect 2v2 Battle Challenge
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