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 Someone Steal Your Account

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PostSubject: Someone Steal Your Account   Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:55 am

Someone changed ur Password and emailadress of your Alaplaya account?
You have to do this:

Go on the alaplaya website and log in the ticketsysthem with ur email and pw what u used before someone changed it.
Write a Ticket to Arrow HACKED
In this ticket u have to say, that ur pw is wrong and when u click on Forget pw u dont receive a new one. So someone changed the emailadress and u want that alaplaya change the email back to the First email u used. (important! u need the emailadress which u used to create the account)
Than the GM will give u the introduction to write a email from ur Originalemailadress to Hacked@alaplaya.net (i think this is the adress but i am not sure)
In this email u have to write:

alaplayanickname: ***************
Originalemail: ***********
New wished email: *************
Ticketnumbre: *********

Than they change the emailadres and answer again in the Ticket that u say them pls when u have a new PW.

So go on alaplaya.net and DONT LOG IN ... click on forget pw and u will get a new pw.

Than answer ur ticket:

Ty, i have a new pw.

The GM will unblock ur ID and u can play.

Dont share your accounts! especially not with people who say: i load ap in ur account. or: I can parcel ap things for u.

No one do that for free!

Ayooo babe lets go, cause we go rock this Club, we go on all night.
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Someone Steal Your Account
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