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 Want to join hr

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PostSubject: Want to join hr   Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:46 pm

hello Hardrock


My name is Kevin and all my friends call me Peschi.
I'm 19 years old, live in Germany at the capital Berlin.
I work as a "timeworker"( so is it called in Germany, I don't know how it is really called in englisch ).
Normaly I work from 7.30 h am till 4.00 h pm so I can go online ca. at 5.00 h pm.
My hobbies are: Ft2, my girlfriend ( im together with her since 3 and a half year and she thinks it is okay that I play Wink ), my friends and parties.
I like football ( "BFC Dynamo Berlin") and ice-hockey and the Berlin ice-hockey team " EHC Eisbären Berlin".

my chara:

Name --> WarCraft3 --> LvL --> 60

Stats --> Basic (W/L) 791/643 --> Rank 2795
Battle (W/L) 741/700 --> Rank 1832
Guard (rank) --> Rank 171

Playstyle --> Battle
--> Hp. 472
--> Str. 97
--> Sta. 23
--> Dex. 60
--> Wil. 20
--> 7 Wind 4 Fire

About HardRock:
I want to join HardRock !!!
This is my third apply to you and I learned more since the last time ( for example my english is better but I'm still leraning and my playstyle,too.).
That is the reason why I apply to you a third time. I want to join your club because I like your member, your clublogo and the atmosphere.
In the game I saw that the member of HardRock got a good communication among each other. And I hope I will find a good ally for a long time (maybe for ever!?)
I will try to be active for 100% and play every ClubMatch I can.
And I hope you can help me to become a better player.

I hope I can join HardRock.

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PostSubject: Re: Want to join hr   Wed Jul 07, 2010 7:01 pm

Hi again ...

.... nice apply but in effect forum is the same

You dont need to apply all 2 weeks.

BB have fun good luck

rejected cause i dont wanna talk about the same person every weeks

Ayooo babe lets go, cause we go rock this Club, we go on all night.
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Want to join hr
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